Join RedLine and the Rocky Mountain Land Library this Labor Day for Re/Call. This free 3-day event combines an exhibition, camping with artists, communal meals, programs, performances and participatory projects over the long weekend. Located in Garo, CO at the Buffalo Peaks Ranch, Re/Call is a curated art and communal experience that celebrates the natural environment, embraces the intersection of art and nature, and lingers between the ethereal and tangible. 

Participating Artists, Performers and Facilitators include:Libby Barbee & Bill Nelson, the Barter Collective, Hasley Burgund, The Canary Project, Michelle Comstock, Gregg Deal & Susan Ortegon, Nathan Hall, Ana Maria Hernando, Tyler Jones, Eliza Minot, Nikki Pike, Eileen Richardson, Kenneth Robinson, Sarah Wallace Scott, Tory Tepp, Jeremy Wolf, and Melanie Yazzie.